Meet Lee Pijika

Trained Chef, Marketer & Nutrition Expert

Sharing the food journey as a "Food Designer," I find myself learning more about different cultures through the ingredients. I've been traveling around world and having a chance to meet different professional people in the food industry to exchange ideas and thoughts about food and how it can bring people around the world closer.

It brings me to projects where I want to gather all ingredients around the world to promote and keeping sustainable for our future.



To position Thailand and all products to be ahead of the game in terms of of industry. Food trends of 2020 is the importance list of idea to follow and since Thailand is very wealthy in terms of food products from nature, it is not difficult to place Thailand to become "World Food Ingredients" country.

  • Even more natural

  • Healthy aging

  • A Good Gut Feeling

  • More tractability

  • less waste

  • Convenient remains King

  • Environmental friendly



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