What's A Healthy Restaurant?

 A healthy restaurant is one that has healthy sales and profits. Simple!

From pizza joints to 5 star dining, we need to know what is working and where there's scope for change. But most important I will bring new ideas, new products, new marketing and new tech tools with one aim, more sales, more profits.

Marketing & Tech Tools

Where, when and how we eat is changing fast and restaurants must evolve to grab the opportunities. Many websites and apps have grown on the back of restaurants, delivery, reservations, etc,. Add to the this the huge changes in social media marketing which has seen restaurants struggle to get a good return on advertising spend. And it is clear smart restaurants must focus on marketing and new tech tools in the same way they focus on food, ingredients and presentation.

Working with menuvenu.com, the leading restaurant marketing and tech company we've pioneered a proven and simple formula for sales success.  

Salting Veggies

The Five Essential Ingredients

Our proven formula for success applies to every restaurant - without all these ingredients any restaurant will fall short and struggle​

  1. Innovation - explore new products, such as plant based and vegan, open new sales channels such as delivery, and use new marketing strategies 

  2. Build a community - make a 80/20 focus on repeat business and loyalty

  3. Exceed customer expectations - it's now about experience more than just the food

  4. Sell the menu - make great food and then connect and communicate to your fan based community

  5. Data is king - there are two types of restaurant, those that know their customers and those who do not.


Innovation and fresh thinking extends within all parts of the business. My experience in all sectors and a broad range of restaurant environments means I see what works and what does not. I can share best practice and new trends. Quickly identify issues and opportunities that others have overcome and then implement them quickly into the a new direction. Many times I find that restaurant owners are simply to busy to see the wood for the trees and a fresh pair of eyes can work wonders.